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13 Nov

Jazz at the Ionian University

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The Ionian University celebrates 15 years of a successful Jazz Program, unique in Greek Higher Education, with a new CD and two nights at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall (November 19-20 2011, Thessaloniki Megaron Mousikis).

The new CD "Jazz Now! New Music from Ionian University Jazz Program" published by Jazz&Tzaz Magazine (issue No 224, November ‘11) features original jazz works by 13 Ionian University students and recent alumni many of them with extended academic training in the US and recipients of prestigious scholarships from Fulbright and Onassis foundations.

Produced by Ionian University associate professor Dimos Dimitriadis, lecturer elect George Kontrafouris and JAZZ&TZAZ Magazine this CD presents pieces from five new recording projects three of which are recorded and produced by alumni making their first professional statements as jazz composers and performers and offering a variety of fresh compositional and aesthetic approaches. The remaining two are faculty projects.


“Jazz&Tzaz” magazine is also publishing (in the same issue) an extended article on the Jazz Program of the Ionian University in Corfu, documenting the educational achievements of an institution which has been consistently providing the Greek jazz scene with some of its most gifted and well trained young musicians.

The first CD of The Ionian Jazz Ensemble, featuring original works, written and performed by the first graduates of the Ionian University’s jazz degree was released in the March and summer 2003 issues of Jazz & Tzaz magazine.



A two-day event at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall conceived and organized by Dimos Dimitriadis under the same title “Jazz Now!” will give music lovers, students and the general public the opportunity to see and hear most of these young professionals presenting their music along with their peers and teachers. Starting in the afternoon with lessons and lectures by Ionian University faculty about “What is Jazz” and “How it is Learned and Played” and ending with an after-concert Jam Session for all musicians this event is organized as an ideal introduction to Jazz music and Jazz education.

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