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24 Nov

Duos – 1998

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Nikos Touliatos

Andreas Georgiou: Horns (Shanhaι), guitar
Takis Farazis: keys, piano, vocals
David Lynch: tenor saxophone
Yiorgos Fakanas : el. bass
Ross Daly: rabab, lyra
Shankarlal: tabla
Andreas Symboulopoulos : piano
Gunter "Baby" Sommer: percussion
Vassilis Soukas: Clarino
Giannis Chatziefstathiou : saxophone
Three of the duets were recorded live with Vasilis Soukas in Athens in 1991, with Andreas Georgiou in Patras in 1992 and with Gunter "Baby" Sommer in Corfu in 1994.
The duets with Giorgos Fakanas, Takis Farazis and David Lynch were recorded at the "Spectrum" studio in 1986.
The duets with Ross Daly and Andreas Georgiou (guitar) were recorded at the "Thita" studio in 1992.
The duet with Shankarlal was recorded at the "Red House" studio in 1994.
The duet with Andreas Simvoulopoulos was recorded at the "Kiriazis Studio" in 1994.

Engineer: Dimitris Xenikakis, Vangelis Katsoulis
Executive producer: Antonis Zaglakoutis
Mastered: Zafris Kontogeorgis
Remix: Andreas Simvoulopoulos, Dimitris Xenikakis, Nikos Touliatos, Vangelis Katsoulis, Kostas Stratigopoulos
Producer: Nikos Touliatos, Thanos Mikroutsikos

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