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C.O.P - 2015

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C.O.P New Single Release available on every online store!
C.O.P was recorded/Mixed by Anastasios Katsaris- Greece

 Mastered by -Christopher Lewis -London

Adedeji is a Guitarist/Singer songwriter and an expatriate originating from West Africa, Nigeria. COP is the first single from his second album following his first release "AJO" (the Yoruba word for Journey).

The song comes from his personal experience, as a frequent traveler and a touring musician, and touches the delicate issue of immigration, addressing the reasons that make someone leave his country as well as what someone has to face at the borders, airports and eventually abroad. C.O.P Is what they left home, C.O.P is what they find ahead. Its my story, its your story, it could be everybody's story.

Adedeji's music is an infusion of Traditional African style with progressive attitude and modern sound of jazz and funk music, creating a music that is rhythmically and technically broad , harmonically

rich,melodically and emotionally compelling.

He won the Young Talent Award 2012 in the Netherlands and has performed in many festivals like  Enclave de aqua Spain,Tanjazz Morocco, Mama Jazz festival Lithuania, Kalamata jazz festival Greece, Swinging in Groningen Netherlands to Name a few,

He has shared the stage and recorded with NNO Orchestra, Lionel Loueke, Jd Walter, Gene jackson, Lagbaja and many more.

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