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30 May

Petros Klampanis Trio - inventive jazz delivered in an exuberant mood at Vortex Jazz Club, London

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Bassist Petros Klampanis’ Trio (PKT) crisscrossed Europe, playing their fifth gig in a week in the Vortex Jazz Club London on Sunday 29 May, 2016 (preceded by trio gigs in Amsterdam, Moscow, and Köln and a duo appearance, by Klampanis and the guitarist Hekselman,  in Athens).  The group seems to be thriving on travel, as their London performance belied their intensive schedule.

Petros Klampanis’ double bass playing produces an exquisite and distinctive  pizzicato sound that the bassist sometimes accompanies with drumming on his instrument and scat singing.  Hekselman’s expressive solos on the guitar are enhanced by a plethora of subtle effects produced with a considerable array of pedals and switches laid out next to him.  Bodek Janke, the trio’s skillful and inventive drummer, also plays flute, contributes with scat singing, and uses with gusto the numerous bells and other accessories strategically suspended around his drum kit.  What’s more, all three seem to be thoroughly enjoying every second of their playing.

The performance incorporated a diverse range of pieces by Klampanis and others.  PKT’s rendition of the Beatles’ «Something in the way she moves» started with a gentle weep strung out of Gilad Hekselman’s guitar, subsequently morphing into louder fusion/rock-like segments and incorporating a virtuoso bass solo by Klampanis. 

A Jako Pastorius piece brought out an extremely well coordinated performance from the trio, once more with tranquil parts in-between bursts of  intensity.  It was followed by «Monkey Business», a piece from Klampanis’ album «Minor Dispute».  A taste of PKT’s forthcoming album «Chroma» was provided by «Tough Decisions Are Always Dark Green», that offered a mesmerizing tune.

Dizzy Gillespie’s «Night in Tunisia» commenced joyfully with a spinning whistle (spun by the drummer) and continued unabated – the band were clearing enjoying themselves.  Another memorable offering was «Luiza» by Antonio Carlos Jobim.  Crowd calls for an encore were rewarded with an outstanding delivery of «Thalassaki», a Greek folk song masterly re-arranged by Klampanis.

PKT intend to be back in Vortex in London for the launch of their new alum, «Chroma» in January 2017.  If last night’s audience response was anything to go by, they are guaranteed a rapturous welcome.

Samples of Petros Klampanis’ music with different permutations of his trio and other groups are provided in the videos below.

Mihalis Yianneskis

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