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24 Apr

Arild Andersen interview

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Jazzonline presents this exclusive interview  of Arild Andersen, one of Europe’s leading bass player for more than 30 years. He has recorded over a dozen albums for ECM Records as band leader and appeared on many others as side man.  

1- What lead you to jazz?
Hearing a Lester Young record when I was 12.

2- Which jazz musicians had or have a great influence on you, and why?
Mostly   Miles Davis because of the space in his solos and the sound. For bassplayers Gary Peacock for his creativity and phrasing.

3- Do you think there is a special distinctive sound in Scandinavian jazz ?  
Yes . It has usually more space and the interplay is regarded very important instead of a bandleader with rhythm section.

 4- What do you think about Jazz as it is today with this mix of ethnic and other style of music ?
I like it. What is important to me is that one keep the feel of the ethnic part and not harmonizing it and turn it into a jazz song to improvise on   like an american standards.

 5- What do you think is your greatest success as a musician?  
Staying in this business all this years and still feel I just began.

6- A comment on Greek jazz musicians you know?
I have worked with composer Vangelis Katsoulis who is a great composer and understand how to write for jazz musician. Vassilis Tsabropoulos who was in my trio for some years is one of the best pianoplayer in the world . We did two great records together.

 7- What are your plan for the next months ?
I am composing for a new trio cd with Paolo Vinaccia and Tommy Smith and I am composing for some concerts with a new quintet with Patrice Heral,Marcin Wasilewski,Markus Stockhausen and Tommy Smith... Then I will play some concerts at a couple of festivals.

May 25 a new cd will come out on ECM called Celebration where I am soloist with Scottish National Jazz Orchestra . This is a live recording from Glasgow 2010 and the repertoire is highlights from the ECM catalogue over 40 years.

 More on Arild Andersen : http://jazzonline.gr/en/articlesinterviews/musicians-in-town/item/1048-arild-andersen.html

Arild Andersen will be in Athens on May 10, 2012 for one night at Onassis Cultural Center: http://www.jazzonline.gr/en/jazzenda/item/722-conference-stockhausen/-ladopoulos/-rakopoulos/-amiris/-andersen/-h%C3%A9ral.html

 Interview by Patricia Graire - April 2012 -


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