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27 Nov

Angelika Niescier

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The Goethe Institut in Athens  presents  “ Women of German jazz” - prominent women, who gained international recognition in the jazz scene with the creative and high claims work. The concert series began in May with Julia Hülsmann trio, and it will continue this December with Angelika Niescier.

Angelika Niescier, born in Polish Sczcecin has been living in Germany since 1981 and went masterfully through the academic system. She concertized under her name around the world and played also with Jim Black and Steve Swallow. During the last ten years she was accepted nationally and internationally which resulted in plenty of awards and scholarships,.the last one being the JAZZ ECHO 2010, the most prestigious German jazz award and the "Jazz Pott 2013" award, last October.

In her last release “Quite Simply”, Angelika Niescier explores the basics of creative power and finds spaces which help her to explore her instrument. The chance to have two like-minded masters in New York who have similar sound visions as to form and content confronting her leads to a smart extension of the game zone putting Angelika into another ball park of improvisers. “Tyshawn I have known for 1o years time and I think it was a Steve Coleman concert where I met Thomas Morgan. It was immediately evident that we should work together. We did a couple of trio concerts and out of these moments the program of Quite Simply took shape that I streamlined for Thomas and Tyshawn.”

Jazzonline had a little chat with Angelika Niescier

1-What lead you to jazz and which jazz musicians had or have a great influence on you, and why?
in short:  I played saxophone in the obligatory teen-indie-rock-and-stuff-band. the guitarplayer said after one rehearsal " ok, now : Your solo, go for it , improvise!" I had no idea whatsoever what to do…but of course I did play something, got into that "improvising" thing and learned more and more- and so dicovered jazz in its overwhelming diversity. My greatest influence and all-time-inspiration in jazz is john coltrane. because of his need to search for "it" and his deep spirituality in his music.

2- How would you describe your style ?
I can´t describe it ! You all should come and listen the performance...

3- Could you tell us few words about your performance at Goethe Institute in Athens.
I´m going to perform with my working quartet "sublim"- we play together since 13 years. it´s a blessing to be in a group like this.Here we perform my compositions only. our goal is to take the audience with us on a incredible journey into the very heart and soul of the musical universe

4-Is it more difficult for a woman on the jazz scene ?
well, I try not to think in such terms like gender etc. in this context.All of us, all the music has aggresive and lyrical textures. It´s the personality of every human being to bring out sometimes a more "feminine" or "maskuline" side of it. If you play improvised music- or any kind of music-  all that counts is the connection between the musicians- it´s not easier or more difficult because of gender.But I will be certainly happy, if more and more women enter the stage being a professional. fortunately there are many female students who hopefully will shape and determine the music sooner or later- along with their male fellow musicians.

5-What are your plan for the next months ?
The upcomming months are going to be very exciting ! there is a  performance in New York  with my US-trio at the winterjazzfest. also, there is a recording with another amazing quintet in new york among other with ralph alessi, performaces and recordings with a trio including two of the most exciting musicians from italy…

Angelika Niescier will be in Athens with her Quartet  Sublim on December 13, 2013 at 20:30 at Goethe-Institut – Omirou 14-16  – Athens – entrance free  - Angelika Niescier, sax – Florian Weber, piano – Sebastian Rather, bass – Christoph Hillman, percussion




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