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09 Apr

Giorgis Christodoulou Interview

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Giorgis Christodoulou draws his origin from Alexandria, Egypt and was brought up in Athens. For the last two years he has been living in Barcelona. With his latest work, Barcelonauta, Giorgis pays homage to his favorite city by gathering original songs from the 1920s up to the 1950s . Jazzonline has met him for a little chat about his last album.

1-Your first album Flaneur released in 2011 was a real success. You come back 3 years later with Barcelonauta, which is a tribute to your favorite city where you have been living for the 2 last years. Could you tell us few words about it ?
It is a tribute to songs from music artists who were inspired by the city of Barcelona; both Catalans and foreigners. It is also devoted to a certain time period - the golden age of jazz in Barcelona. Many famous jazz musicians lived or visited the Catalan capital at that time. There were also many who stayed in Barcelona performing at music halls or recording new songs. Charles Trenet, the famous saxophonist Don Byas, Josephine Baker, Henri Salvador, Django Reinhard, are only a few of them. The songs in Barcelonauta were recorded with contemporary Catalan jazz musicians, specialized in swing of the 20s and 30s and also hot jazz.

2- Are you going to present it in Greece and make a tour may be ? 
Together with the famous clarinet player Juli Aymí, we will visit Athens on May 19 & 22 and Salonika on May 21 , where we will present both the new album, as well as other songs from my discography.

3- What about the musicians. Do you have your band or do you play with local musicians when you travel from one country to the other?
We have created two bands; one for Spain and one for Greece. In May, it will be the first time we will unite the members of one band with the other. It is very interesting to hear how musicians from two different countries communicate through music.

4-  What were your first musical influences?  Which musician had a big influence on you and why ?
The first time I felt I wanted to be a singer was at the age of 7 or 8 when I saw Nat King Cole on TV singing in a black and white movie. The song and movie's name was Blue Gardenia. Ever since, I loved the music of Manos Hatzidakis, Cole Porter, Attik, Charles Trenet, George Brassens and many others.

5-  What would you like to do next?
I would like to spend a beautiful and cheerful summer and from autumn to present the Barcelonauta repertoire in as many concerts possible.

More about Giorgis Christodoulou  http://jazzonline.gr/en/cd-releases/itemlist/tag/Giorgis%20Christodoulou.html

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