19 Oct

Interview with Nikolas Anadolis who enthuses international audience wherever he goes !

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Nikolas Anadolis
is one of only 5 jazz pianists who have been awarded the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris (=1st prize) of the prestigious Concours de piano-jazz Martial Solal  in October 2010, a worldwide jazz piano contest taking place only once every 4 years. Jazzonline had the opportunity to get  an interview with this very promising young musician who has already been showered with acclaim!

1) Three years have passed since our last interview. You have been playing more in Greece but also a lot abroad all over Europe in festivals and clubs and wherever you go you get incredible review such as "A phenomenal player", "His music transports you into another world", "It is as if a whole orchestra is playing", "Deeply moving". How does that feel to get such a recognition so young?  
It’s a great feeling knowing that my music is important for some audiences. It motivates me to explore deeper myself and really do the best I can on the stage. Although, I don’t really pay much attention to reviews because some times they can be distractive to the way I am working on. I understand recognition mainly from the large scale audience right while I am playing a concert. When I feel a good reaction between me and them, then I know that the purpose of my music has an important value. Recognition is someone’s memories that born good feelings for something.  A concert review is important because is the quickest way to spread information (εντυπώσεις) for the people who couldn’t come to a concert. A good one can be a nice feedback that can approach more audience in my next concert.

2)   It has often been said that Jazz works best on stage. What do you think about that ? On a more general level: What constitutes a good live performance in your opinion?
I agree. In my case at least. Jazz have to do a lot with improvisation and this have to do with spontaneous reaction. Spontaneous reaction adds freshness to the music and makes it more real because it’s made from the moment. When a musician reacts with an other musician it’s getting even more excited. Playing in front of an audience you really want to be as creative as possible. This moment usually force the musician to be more focus than every other time.
Although, a good live performance has to do firstly with the personality of the musician who’s playing.  The level of his honesty and the technique (meaning the way to master the ideas through the instrument) comes in a second place.

3)   What sets "Jazz"? apart from any other style of music? What does Jazz mean to you personally?
I don’t have a clear opinion yet because I don’t know deeply all the other styles of music. I can truly say though that old Jazz influenced mainly from the European and African music and the mixture of the African groove with the melodic and harmonic structure of the European classical composers gave jazz a strong character. The re-born of the improvisation and the fact that Jazz started as a dance music, made it fresher and easier for the listener. The development of old Jazz has so many brunches today but basic things like improvisation and strong groove still remains over the years and make the style recognizable. For me, Jazz is the most friendly way to express something spontaneous.

4) Do you have an album release coming soon or that will be for later and what are your plan for next months ?
Not yet but I already work on ideas for the new album. All I wait for, is a collaboration with the right label. About my plans, lately I am working with my trio a new big jazz suite I wrote. We had already presented the piece in the national radio, television and in the Taichung Jazz festival in Taiwan. There are more upcoming performances of this project for the next months. Besides that I am working on a three pianos ensemble project that will be presented in Onasis Cultural Center on December. About my academic work, I am doing my doctorate for “Ionian University” and also I am creating short methods for my students.

5) Could you tell us a few words about your performance at Half Note  ?
I am playing three performances at the “Half note” club with my trio (Kostas Kostantinou on Double bass and Vasilis Podaras on drums). These ones are on October 18th, October 25th and November 1st. We are presenting my new jazz suite which is a 60 minutes piece and also some arrangements of well known jazz standards. The most important element of this work is the mixture of the improvisation with a classical context and the fresh ideas that comes through.


interview by Patricia Graire - October 2016


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