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17 Mar

Band Festival 2014 - Winners

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For 11th year in row, the Band Festival opens up career opportunities for young groups. The curtain fell on Band Festival 2014, late at night on Saturday, March 15, 2014. The competition jury assessed both compositions and performances and, with very positive critiques for all the bands that were selected to appear in the Finals, finally conferred the awards as follows:

• First Prize: HalfNote
• Second Prize & MTV Award: Carbonated Lemonade
• Third Prize: Missing Pulse
• Praise: LiE

Prizes include musical instruments and equipment  by Yamaha, Sennheiser, Line 6 worth at 2.300 €, scholarships to study at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, music productions by SAE, contracts for the release of digital singles by  Final Touch recording company.
The MTV Award consists of a video clip production and collaboration with MTV.
High quality young musicians performed during the Band Festival 2014 and presented their own compositions; compositions and interpretations that could easily stand out in the international music scene.
Given the general level, Final Touch recording company decided to issue the CD of Band Festival 2014, which will include two songs from each band that performed during Finals.

The bands of the Finals: 

• Sensual Join
• Carbonated Lemonade
• Missing Pulse
• Mistful
• LiE
• HalfNote
• 10 Code

The Band Festival was presented by a charismatic presenter and connoisseur of Greek and foreign music scene, Stathis Panagiotopoulos, who managed to rise the enthusiasm of the public at the Philippos Nakas Concert Hall.

Admittedly most of the bands that performed during the Band Festival 2014 were very strong.

'Best performers' were awarded valuable Yamaha music instruments:

• 'Best keyboardist':  Leonidas Diamantopoulos (Manhattan Project band)
• 'Best guitarist':  Lefteris Markantonatos (Missing Pulse band)
• 'Best drummer': George K. (LiE band)



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