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B.J.EX’ S – 1998

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B.J.EX’ S – Theo Kapilidis

Theo Kapilidis - B.J.EX’ S
Theo Kapilidis: guitar
Michel Poffet: ac. bass
David Elias: drums
Produced by Dimitris Kapilidis

"B.J.EX’ S" performed live and were recorded by Ron Kurz at ACM studio Zurich, March '97 Mixed by Kosmas Boulakas and Akis Golfidis at Sierra studio,Athens, April '98
Mastering: M.I.A.
Art Director: Anthi Vaporidou
Photographs by Kurt Wettstein and Themistoklis Hatzigeorgiou

Theo Kapilidis plays Godin Guitars

Special thanks to everyone at R.i.A. Music, Claude Schwartz ACM, Andy Margaritis and Ark Music Shop

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