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19 Nov

Vananda – 1998

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Vananda – Andreas Georgiou

Andreas Georgiou: 16string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, AG fretless electric guitar
Eberhard Weber: 5string electric double bass
Savina Giannatou: vocals
Floros Floridis: soprano saxophone
Kora Michaelian: piano
Alfred Shtuni: 1st Violin
Yerevan Symphonic Orchestra

Producer: Libra Music Ltd
Executive Producer: Alkis Vafias
Production Co-ordination: Eleni Rozali

Recorded at Studio “AEOLIA”, Athens. (February - September 1998).
Sound Engineer: Michalis Nikoloudis
Mixing: Andreas Georgiou and Michalis Nikoloudis
Digital Mastering: Thodoris Chrysanthopoulos
Cover Design & Artwork: Dimitris Arvanitis
Printed by: K. Panagopoulos
Photos by: Yiannis Zafiris, except otherwise mentioned

Andreas Georgiou AEPI
Eberhard Weber appears courtesy of ECM Records

Libra Music/LM016-2

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