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Montage for the Lost Time – 2006

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Free Call

Theo Patsalidis: violin, loops, piano, cymbals

Lakis Tzimkas: electric basses, loops

Christos Yermenoglou: percussion, piano, glockenspiel

Nikos Tzaferidis: video art

Recorded at Polytropon Studio  

Mastered: Christos Megas

Supervised by: Martin Ekman, Thanos Kazantzis

Producer: Iannis Koufaelas, Thanos Kazantzis

Executive Producer: Iannis Koufaelas

Design: Gigantura, Nikos Tzaferidis

Text: Aris Triferis

 Defkaz Productions/fk01, Polytropon/021

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