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Mitz's New Work – 2008

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The Mitz Jazz Quintet - Dimitris Mikelis

Pascal Niggenkemper: ac. bass

Alan Bjorklund: trumpet, effects

Dimitri Mikelis: piano, oud

Alex Terrier: soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, effects

Lionel Loueke: guitar

Julien Augier: drums

All compositions and arrangements by Dimitri Mikelis

"The First man (Who Trusted me)" is dedicated to Marios M.


Recorded on 22&23 March 2007 at Charlestown Road Studios, Hampton, NJ.

Mixed & mastered on 30 March 2007 at Skyline Productions, Warren, NJ.


Recorded by Paul Wikliffe

Producer: Dimitri Mikelis, Julien Augier

Photography (Front & Back Cover): Dimitri Mikelis

Photography (Band): Paul Wikliffe

Artwork: Vassiliki Polimenopoulou






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