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27 Nov

Morning and Evening – 1990

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Michalis Siganidis & Thodoris Rellos

Original Lp Cover, LYRA/4560, 1990

Reissue Cd Cover, LYRA/34011176205, 2007

Thodoros Rellos, sax, flute, vocals
Michalis Siganidis, bass, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Yiannis Mourtzopoulos , electronics, vocals
Kostas Papas, drums
Dinmitris Messinis - Dimitris Kasioumis, vocals - 
Michalis Lapidakis, piano
Dimitris Magriotis, violoncello
Dimitris Polyzoidis, violi
Floros Floridis, clarino
Michalis Lapidakis, piano


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