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In Duologue - 2013

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A. Lerta / V.Stefanopoulos

”InDuologue” is a musical dialogue between a Voice and a Double Bass that introduces you to an acoustic kind of jazz listening.
The two interpreters blend their sounds in such a way that makes their music feel intimate and distinctive, almost as if it was directed to each listener personally.

Their duo of voice and bass, according to vocalist Alexandra Lerta, “is a ‘quiet’  sound synthesis without too many ‘bells and whistles’ - a sound that goes straight to the point, straight to the heart, and leaves no room for anything redundant or inessential to be added by the players”. To emphasize this intimacy the album was recorded in a quiet chapel instead of a recording studio. The chapel allowed the sound of the bass to breathe and fully develop. It also allowed direct communication between the musicians, which SnipRecords regards crucial for good quality recording. The combination of the small intimate setting, with the lush acoustics of the chapel results in a distinctive listening experience.

InDuologue will present their album with a release tour in Greece in the period 27 December - 11 January, playing in Athens, Patras, Messologi, and Agrinio. They will continue their release tour in 2014 in other European countries.

The album is available for sale as digital download files, in highres Studio Master Quality, CD quality and MP3, on www.sniprecords.nl. The highres files will also soon be for sale on http://hifitrack.com/zh-hant  and http://highresaudio.com/, and the mp3 files will be available on the iTunes store and Amazon. The album includes digital artwork with background information about the recording session.

Alexandra Lerta: Voice  www.AlexandraLerta.com - Vasilis Stefanopoulos: Double Bass  : www.VasilisS.com

label Snip Records - www.sniprecords.nl



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