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Angler’s Delight - 2014

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Stavros Damianidis

It is a Jazz Concept Album, permeated by the beauty of the sea and fishing as central theme, literally and metaphorically. Stavros Damianidis, a Jazz aficionado, promoter of Greek Jazz prodigees and an alto saxophonist himself, presents 13 original tunes, employing the elite of Greek Jazz musicians, such as Yiorgos Psihoyios (arrangement, piano and accordion), Yiorgos Polyhronakos (drums), Yannis Kassetas (saxophones), Dimitris Papadopoulos (trumpet), Apostolos Leventopoulos (guitar), Penelope Tzanetakis (vocals), Periklis Trivolis (double bass), Alexandros Tsamis (percussion), Dimitris Kottaridis (Cello) and Dimitris Pantelias (alto saxophone).

The tunes express the joy of life in the sea, lost love, wild seas, sunken ships and comprises 4 solo tunes (2 on alto sax, one on accordion and one on the cello), 5 songs and 4 instrumental tunes that flirt with swing music but adding a fresh light with the addition of oriental and greek modes to blues and uniting western and eastern music seamlessly. 

The originality of the album is the tunes’ integration in one whole rather than a collection of irrelevant tunes, the instruments’ natural timbres with the addition of very few natural effects that have been recorded live (in fish markets, the sea, storms etc) as well as the CD package, a well thought-out collection of pictures,  as well as a full narration of the meaning of each tune. 

To the audience, the music sounds fresh, light jazz music that stimulates our fantasy to imagine being on a boat in the water, feeling the sea breeze, an ideal feeling for the summer that has just began. It is not incidental that this album has been loved by a very varied audience, from kids to old people, from latin, jazz and blues fans to heavy metal musicians.


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