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Flux Project-PYR|N - 2014

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The Flux project is of change and shapes.
The sounds that we create pay homage to the yearning simplicity of Heraclitus' ideas,
born thousands of years before us and expressed with a vigorous honesty.

Produced by Michael Carvin. Recorded at Systems Two Recording Studios on March 4th-5h, 2014 in Brooklyn, NYC. Sound Engineering by Max Ross. Mixing & Mastering by Dave Darlington. Design by Konsept 83.

Daniel Carter, winds
Bram De Looze, piano
Todd Neufeld, guitar
Luca Rosenfeld, bass
Callirroe Myriagkou, voice
Stephanos Chytiris, drums

You can purchase a hardcopy in the link : http://www.stephanoschytiris.com/store/flux-project-pyrin
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