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Mediterrana - 2016

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Recorded in November 2013 and March 2015.

The Mediterrana project features Lefteris’ new works that reflect a balanced amalgam of modern jazz elements with Eastern Mediterranean colors and textures.

The CD album was released in August 2016 by Inner Circle Music, and it features harmonica player Roni Eytan, Greek lute player Vasilis Kostas, bassists Petros Klampanis and John Lockwood, drummer Ziv Ravitz, Harris Lambrakis on ney, Alec Spiegelman on clarinets, and flamenco percussionist Sergio Martinez, all active at the international jazz scene.

“In these times, when we are in great need of fresh examples of intercultural dialogue,Lefteris Kordis’s music is an abundant source of inspiration.” Danilo Pérez

“Some 70 years after Dizzy Gillespie incorporated Afro Cuban rhythms into the big-band context, jazz today regularly takes its cue from global musical traditions. A prime example is the colorful, highly intelligent blend of modern jazz elements and aspects of Mediterranean folk-song found on Mediterrana” - Michael Harris -  DOWNBEAT 

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