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Rings Around the Moon - 2016

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John Balikos Trio
 “RINGS AROUND THE MOON” is the title of the second album of JOHN BALIKOS Trio, which actually is not a piano trio, but a quartet one. The fourth member of the band is the composer John Balikos. During the recording session, the musicians looked up into the sky and observed the spectacular view of the moon surrounded by luminous rings - the “Halo” phenomenon. The title fully reflects the underlying spirit of this music, which takes on a far-reaching aesthetic level through the masterly rendition of the three musicians as they unfold their material with unparalleled clarity and tenderness. Melodious compositions (Hidden Smile, Fulfilment, Sea’s Reflection, Bright River) bring to the fore a deeply introspective mood and a subtly lyrical approach not only to music but also to life itself. Composer and pianist Takis Farazis first encountered John Balikos on stage at a concert on the island of Paros, in 2013. Takis appreciated John’s compositions and they promised each other to record this material in the near future. Promises were kept, and Farazis imbued this recording with his characteristic sense of introspection and natural flow. Bassist Petros Varthakouris (who is familiar with John’s music, as they have been associates and friends for many years) and drummer Thanos Hatzianagnostou (who has recently joined the band) all embrace the same mood, sharing common ideas for music: the improvisational music is not just a team work, but a statement of equality by all means. “Music is a reason to live, a reason to hope… Without music, the world would have been a lost place” says the composer.  Despite a serious handicap that has deprived him of being able to perform, John has managed to overcome adversity by focusing on teaching and composing.
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