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Movlatina - 2010

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A  dancing latin-jazz mixture of colors and cultures..!
Musicians from Hellas,Argentina,Cuba,France meet in “Movlatina” of Yannis Arzimanoglou.
original compositions and lyrics in Greek,Spanish,French,English and Italian..!

Ladopoulos Antonis   : Alto saxophone

Andreou Antonis : Trumpet,Trombone,

Vavatsikas Iraklis — Roman Gomez :Bandoneon,

Jean Philippe Crespin -Roman Gomez     : Guitars

Demian Gomez   :Percussions, Drums

Trapalis Andreas : Violin

Arzimanoglou Yannis : Piano , Voice

Orza Manolito : ,Bass

Katsikis Nikos : Bouzouki

escorts the voice of Mildreys Duquesne and Yannis Arzimanoglou!

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