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"Newborn"- MOUSSAS FARM 2011

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Tilemachos Moussas

Following his last cd “Kyknostalagma” (2006, Ankh), Tilemachos Moussas and his “FARM” presents his new compositions from the upcoming cd titled “Newborn”. In his compositions Tilemachos Moussas draws from his most beloved music genres as well as from his compositional experience for theatre and modern dance.

Special guests in this cd are some famous musicians such as Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon),” the theremin master” Pamelia Kurstin, Julia Kent (Antony and the Johnson).

Tilemachos Moussas and his farmers are using a big variety from rhythmical patterns and original melodies importing elements of contemporary electronic and indie rock music in Jazz, in an unexpected way.

Breaks and beats are grooving with the melodic bass line into jazz harmonies while Anastasia’s Eden operatic voice, Jef Maarawi’s brazilian groove, Labros Filippou’s folklore mood and Nikos Giousef’s musical saw all together in a mood for collective improvisation create an electric atmosphere.


Tilemachos Moussas FARM :

Tilemachos Moussas — guitars, vocals, theremin

Anastasia Eden: vocals

Jef Maarawi: vocals

Sophia Efklidou: cello

Maria Manousaki — violin

Christos Liatsos — vibraphone, drums

Nikos Giousef — musical saw, bass, cello


Special Guests:

Blaine Reininger: vocals

Julia Kent: cello

Pamelia Kurstin: theremin

Thanos Anestopoulos: vocals

Lambros Filippou: vocals

Antonis Andreou — trombone

Kim Soo Jin: Vocals

Nathan Pisoort: overtone singing

David Economou: didgeridoo

Labros Pigounis:live electronics

Kim Soo Jin: Vocals


Buy it : http://www.emusic.com/listen/#/album/Tilemachos-Moussas-Farm-Newborn-MP3-Download/12790833.html

www.myspace.com/moussas -    http://www.moussas.com/

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