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Sampajana Jazz Festival Chania

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This festival take place in Chania, Crete from June 26 to 29, 2012


JUNE 26, 2012

Human Touch

Human Touch is an elevatingly innovative instrumental trio. They have a long presence in the Greek musical affairs. Their unique multi-instrumental approach not only makes a visual impression but projects Human Touch's limitless palette of rhythm, colour and emotional depth. Human Touch's music is 'lived' music. Each concert is its own experience and leaves its audiences uplifted and moved within.  

Human Touch : David Lynch - Yiotis Kiourtsoglou - Stavros Lantsias



- Eva Giannopoulou Trio

Eva interest in jazz start 10 years ago. Leaving the classic rock and blues repertoire. She has worked with collaborated with notable musicians such as Dimitris Vassilakis, Seraphim Bellos, the Manos Lutas, Michael Lambrakis trio, Euripides Stamatiou, George Limakis, George Moutafis, Manolis Chatzogiannakis, etc.


- Z Pinakoulakis Trio

Z Pinakoulakis worked as a musician (drummer) in Crete, Thessaloniki and   Athens, with musicians such as George Fillipidis, Andreas   Mniestris and Christopher Krokidis. In 1984 he continued   musical studies in the U.S., American Conservatory schools   of Music, Chicago Musical College and Chicago State University. He was a student of Phil Gretau and Jeff Stittley (jazz drums), the   Ed. Poremba (classical percussion) and Brazilian drummer Some Brasil, Louis Antonio (latin drumming). Also, attended seminars of Mark Walker (Paquito D 'Riveira), Dave Weckl (Chick Corea), Dennis Chambers, Steve Gadd and Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group). In Greece, working as a musician   studio, playing with various bands and teaches jazz drums. He has worked with many   prominent musicians of the Athens music scene, like Athanasios Zervas, George Kontrafouris,   Kostas Konstantinou, Antonis Ladopoulos etc


-George Limakis “ Never the same”

George Limakis presents his new album titled "Never The Same". An atmospheric jazz project, with an intense tropical element and simultaneously ....

Alex Darkos, drums - Yiorgos Georgiadis, bass - Asteris Papastamatakis, keyboards,


- Harris Lambrakis Quartet
The Harris Lambrakis Quartet was established in 2006 and has since appeared in major festivals in Greece and abroad.Centerpiece of the music is the modal jazz, and it is obvious influences from John Coltrane, the world music and improvised music. With references to the East, the quartet is inspired by jazz harmonies, rhythms and melodies that refer to the 1960s and 1970s. Nick Sidirokastritis: drums - Dimitris Theoharis: piano - Dimitris Tsekouras: bass - Haris Lambrakis: ney



JUNE 27, 2012

George Kontrafouris Baby Trio

George Kontrafouris (musician with an international career and probably the leading and most restless figure of his generation on the Greek jazz scene) and his Baby Trio, plays his Hammond for pleasure and fun.   Groooovy   !!!...

George Kontrafouris, hammond organ - Vassilis Podaras, drums - Konstantinos Stouraitis, guitar




- Crazy People Music

The Crazy People Music guide us through the streets of Jazz with groovy and funky .mood Crazy People Music : Antonis Andreou, Dimitris Tsakas, Yiorgos Georgiadis, Alexandre Drakos Ktistakis, Dimitris Sevdalis


- Krommidas organ trio

Guitarist George Krommydas sided with Yannis Papadopoulos-organ and Vangelis Kotsampasi on drums, present a repertoire that mixes sounds from   jazz of the 60   and new compositions


- Amores Perros


JUNE 28, 2012

- Mode Plagal

Mode Plagal is an originally Greek group who perform traditional Greek music blended with jazz, funk and other international styles. They have been described as "the preeminent ambassadors of the much-maligned vernacular Greek music in the 21st century


 - Nektarios Mitritsakis

Mitritsakis Nektarios was born in 1971 in Chania, Crete, where he lives as   today.From 1998 until now spends several months each year in India   studying classical Indian music to the next most important   masters of the genre. The first ten years and studied sitar with surbahar RabindraGoswami in   Varanasi, while from 2008 to learn Rudraveena Bahauddin. Dagar in Mumbai, is also   deeply influenced by musicians like Pushpraj Koshti


- Haig Yazdjian, Yiotis Kiourtsoglou, Vagelis Karpis

-Three great   musician on stage. One of the driving forces in the Greek world-jazz music scene for the past decade. Haig Yazdjian ( electric oud, vocals), Yiotis Kiourtsoglou (electric bass) and Vangelis Karipis (percussion, drums)


- ElektroBalkana    

The "EleKtroBalkana" is a band with influences from East and   West. drum 'n bass sounds and electro /   very interesting musical mix.


JUNE 29, 2012

- Giannis Loukatos Quartet

Giannis Loukatos   studied Jazz guitar and theory at the Franz List Academy in Budapest next to   notable musicians such as Bela Lakatos and Laszlo Attila. He took part of the first & second edition of DjangoFest in Athens in 2010 & 2011 as one of the most representative  quintet of Gipsy jazz. He has worked with most of Greek jazz musicians   and  has gained valuable teaching experience.


- Diminuita the Swing Trio

Diminuitamade their first appearance under this name in November 2007. They have long before loved and pored into swing, a kind so special and so rare in Greece.They have been playing and teaching music for at least fifteen years. For the last  years though, they are solely working on European Jazz (Jazz Manouche). That is the European version of string swing ( also called “chamber jazz), as it was originally played in the 1930’s by Django Rheinhardt and Stephane Grappeli of The Hot Club de France.  

DIMINUITA:George Papadogiannis, guitar - Efie Sarandi, guitar - Kostas Arsenis, bass


- The Stephane Grappelli Project

Maria Manousakis has performed with various groups around the world (Madinat theatre Dubai, Perth Concert Hall Australia, Frank Sinatra Venue NewYork, Mediterranean Olympic Games Pescara Italy, etc.).   In 2008 she released her first cd entitled From South to the Moon.

The" Stephane Grappelli Project" is based on Jazz tunes played by the virtuoso jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli

Maria Manousakis, violin - Apostolos Leventopoulos, guitar -Petros Klampanis, bass -   Dimitri Klonis, drums -

- Sugahspank & Swing Shoes

The SwingShoes is cheerful band. The repertoire is constantly mutating and their choices are impressive. Their concerts surprise and excite the public. The SwingShoes formed in 2006 by William Adonis and George Koutras, who began playing in the street a mixture of swing, gypsyjazz, bossanova, rock, gospel and traditional songs.The band took its current form with the addition of bassist Panos Tomaras (TheEarthbound) in 2007 and Nick Painter on drums in 2010.  

The winter of 2008 and spring of 2009 began collaborations between vocalists Irini Dimopoulou and Sugahspank!

They played in various scenes and festivals in Athens (Djangofest I & II, BABEL comics festival, Blenderfestival, Resistancefestival, Janus, HalfNote, Southern Cross, with Pallas JossStone, Floral, Belafonte and others) and the rest of Greece. In the spring of 2010 released their first album entitled «LadiesandGents ... Here'sTheSwingShoes » in ProminenceRecordings, which has become very much and has gotten positive reviews  


- Lefteris Andriotis , Antonis Priftis & Periklis Trivolis

Lefteris Andriotis start to the Cretan lyra at age 12 and graduated from the Music School of Pallini. He attended classes with   Z.Spyridaki, M Pyrovolakis, S. Psaradeli and Jazz improvisation T. Paterelis. He is dealing with Jazz since 2005 and worked with musicians such as: G. Psihogios




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