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15o Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival

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The Onassis Cultural Center meets the Technopolis of Athens on jazz paths ... Two organizations with a strong activity in the music development of the city, inaugurating their cooperation on June 3, 2015, at the 15th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, for five days full of music.

The Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, one of the major cultural institutions of Athens celebrates 15 years this year, and the Onassis Cultural Center participates in this celebration.

The 15th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival will opens on  June 3, 2015, with the Big Band of the City of Athens and The Wonderfall Quartet, a group of "contemporary vocal jazz» from Athens, who was chosen to represent Greece this year, while the evening will conclude with a concert by the renowned musician of the international jazz scene Nicola Conte.

The Wonderfall Quartet :
Contemporary vocal jazz quartet from Athens with a fresh "voice" of their own. Their atmospheric compositions, the tight interaction between the group members in combination with the intense improvisational element and the outbursts of energy, create a sonic environment full of intimacy and lyricism, blended with pure dynamism. They just released their second CD HORIZON, which preserves the atmospheric sound of European jazz scene and demonstrates the quartet's major influence by their beloved Esbjorn Svensson Trio (e.s.t.).
Irini Konstantinidi | vocals, lyrics Yiannis Papadopoulos | piano Konstantinos Manos | upright bass Thanos Hatzianagnostou | drums, compositions

Nicola Conte

»Acid Jazz that incorporates Bossa Nova and Easy Listening themes. Italian jazz innovator and eclectic champion of all things stylish and laid back, Nicola Conte is a recommendation in itself.« BBC Music
Nicola Conte fully impersonates the character of the “new musician” which embraces also those cultures which have been developing in the last twenty years: the experiences of the Dj’s and the aesthetics in the electronic music. We found ourselves in front of new horizons which are sometimes distant from those most traditional ones the composers and interpreters belong to, but which fulfil their identity.This being both a producer and an artist, a director and an actor, a purchaser and an artisan, is a “Renaissance” way of being a musician: as if he were in an art shop, where he can create freely and give birth to another style.



On June 4, 2015:   Athina Kontou & Band from Germany, Andreas Rodosthenous Ethnic Jazz Ensemble from Cyprus ,Nigun from Hungary, Orange Trane from Poland

Andreas Rodosthenous Ethnic Jazz Ensemble from Cyprus - Ethnic jazz band - Andreas Rodosthenous Ethnic Jazz Ensemble was formed for the purpose of the recording of his first personal works with original compositions.The input of the musicians of course being the most important influence, since each one of them is free to incorporate his own authentic ideas in the music. Essentially that is where the beauty of interactive music and improvisation lies.
The compositions carry sounds that constantly convey memories, tunes and melodies from the East-West and vice versa, both harmonically and rhythmically.

Nigun from Hungary - Nigun was founded by Andras Parniczky guitarist and composer in 2001. Uniquely in the European jazz scene, the formation originates its music from the Eastern European Jewish traditions. Although Nigun’s music can be best labelled as "Klez-jazz”, the creativity and spontaneous spirit of its musicians are also very significant, as well as their attempt to combine different genres.

Orange Trane from Poland - Orange Trane was first founded in 1994 in Kartuzy (northern Poland) by young local musicians. The band played modern jazz, adding tradition and modernity with expression and melodiousness. The group was giving concerts in jazz clubs all around the country, and also on main Polish jazz festivals. The band is currently promoting new album FUGU.

On June 5, 2015: Orfeas Wärdig Tsoukalas Quartets from Sweden, Jeff Herr Corporation from Luxembourg and Emil Viklický "Grand Moravia" Trio of the Czech Republic.

Orfeas Wärdig Tsoukalas Quartet
from Sweden - Orfeas Wärdig Tsoukalas Quartet released their debut album "Prologue" on "Imogena Records".

Jeff Herr Corporation from Luxembourg - Jeff Herr's new Corporation surprises with a new setting and dexterity, presenting itself now a s a linear trio, without the need for a harmonical instrument. Maxime Bender on Saxophone and Laurent Payfert on Bass complete this new highly skilled and energetic trio which relies on compositional abilities from each of the 3 members. Well arranged and structured songs as well as wild and free improvisations cover the band's large repertoire, filled with some surprising cover songs from well knownPop artists such as David Bowie or Jimi Hendrix. The strength and tightness of the band emerge from a strong rhythmical impact and emphasize the origins of music: the groove.   

Emil Viklický "Grand Moravia" Trio of the Czech Republic - Emil Viklický’s strongest characteristic has been maintaining a truly distinctive individual style even as he has ventured into merging melodies and tones of Moravian folk music with classical orchestration and modern jazz harmonies. This musical individuality has guided him as a composer (of both jazz and contemporary classical music), whether writing for small groups, symphonies, or electronic instruments. Regardless of format or genre, the clarity of his vision has shone through. That singular vision has also carried him on tours across most of the world, and inspired trumpeter Wynton Marsalis to commission him in 2004 to write The Mystery of Man, an operatic piece based on the prison letters of Czech President Vaclav Havel. Viklický has also focused extensively on composing scores and incidental music for feature films and television. In 2011, he was awarded the Medal of Merit by his native country.

On June 6, 2015: Gabriele Pezzoli Trio from Switzerland, Gorka Benitez & David Xirgu from Spain, Duo Carlos Bica & Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva from Portugal and Marjorie Barnes & Equinox from Ireland and the Netherlands.

Gabriele Pezzoli Trio from Switzerland - A musician with widespread interests, his music sees elements of improvisation, classical music, jazz, pop and electronic music merge. He is active as performer, in production and also in the artistic direction of musical projects, he has published two records with his Gabriele Pezzoli Trio which have received worldwide distribution through the Swiss label TCB Records. He has performed in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic and Madagascar collaborating with a number of musicians, including Olivier Ker Ourio, Tino Tracanna, Nils Wogram, Domenic Landolf, Reto Suhner, Max De Aloe, Yuri Goloubev, Stefano Senni, Taavo Remmel, Brian Quinn, Max Pizio and Sandro Schneebeli. He teaches piano at the Accademia Ticinese di Musica in Locarno and at the Swiss Musical Pedagogy Society SMPV/SSPM.

Gorka Benitez & David Xirgu from Spain -  Gorka Benitez is one of the most important musicians of the Spanish jazz scene. He never ceases to surprise his fans, either presenting an album sung by him, Al otro lado (Fresh Sound World Jazz, 2008), a new quartet with two wizards of the strings — David Soler and David Xirgu — or, as he did a couple of seasons ago, offering a project in the sole company of his good friend David Xirgu on the drums. This is not exactly a conventional line-up – sax and drums – but those who believe that the Basque-Catalan tenor sax player has thrown himself into alien, avant-garde fields are wrong. The tenor sax player is not abandoning his lyrical side or his love for songwriting in what is a majestic exercise in jazz tightrope-walking and, at the same time, a journey into a beautiful, tender, dreamlike space

Duo Carlos Bica & Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva from Portugal -The bass player Carlos Bica and pianist John Paul are musicians and longtime friends whose curriculum needs no presentation. Carlos Bica, is one of the most prolific and innovative sound artists of Portugal. Known for his lyrical tone on the double bass, Bica has the rare ability to write melodies that essentially are songs without words, haunting and unforgettable.
"Both a remarkable composer and musician who knows how to mix his folkloric, lyrical roots with any modern style he encounters"(Double Bassist).

Marjorie Barnes & Equinox
from Ireland and the Netherlands - The meeting between Marjorie Barnes and Equinox is of a true collaborative spirit. Miss Barnes’ singular vocal gifts shine brightly over the band’s signature sound, in tailor made arrangements that make for a perfect fit. Marjorie Barnes pulls off a virtuoso balancing act between a deep wisdom gained from a long life in music and an endless youthfulness of spirit. The music of Equinox finds a similar balance between firm jazz roots and a continuous spirit of musical exploration and adventure. Miss Barnes brings great emotional and personal depth to her singing, influencing and inspiring the instrumental interplay for which Equinox are well known, making for a fully engaging concert experience.


The curtain of the 15th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival falls Sunday, June 7, 2015, with Yoav's Eshed Trio Millionaires from Israel, Hijaz from Belgium and Mercan Dede Secret Tribe from Turkey.

Yoav's Eshed Trio Millionaires
from Israel - Yoav Eshed is an Israeli guitar player and composer who performs both jazz and modern music. He grew up with significant early exposure to music, possessing absolute pitch and displaying prodigious musical talents as a young child. He began piano lessons just before his third birthday, and gave his first formal piano recital at the age of seven, playing works by composers including Mozart, Bach, and Hayden. Yoav picked up the guitar at the age of 13 and since then had been performing all around Israel with the top Israeli Jazz musicians. He was granted study scholarships by The New School in New York and won the “Prestigious Dean Award” by Berklee College Of Music. In addition, Yoav received Israeli government support prize for his work.  In 2013, Yoav won 1st Place Prize at the annual Jazz Competition by Rimon School Of Music.

Hijaz from Belgium - Hijaz is a multi-ethnic group based around the dialogue between the oud and the piano. Hijaz is an Arabic musical scale but also holds a clear reference to jazz. Where Arabic music is the starting point, jazz is the open attitude towards diverse musical cultures.Hijaz is a close quartet exploring differences and similarities in Mediterranean cultures in order to create harmony, warmth and musical beauty. On their 3th CD called Nahadin, Hijaz reinvented itself to the essence, the source of the musicality and in their compositions.In this new form Hijaz experimented, composed and recorded new music in the summer of 2013 with to guests: Abir Nasraoui (voice, Tunesia) and Carlo Rizzo (percussion, Italy). With mutual respect and understanding Hijaz accomplished what in real life seems so hard: to unite cultures.

Mercan Dede Secret Tribe from Turkey - Mercan Dede with his Secret Tribe is one of the most unique artist uniting many people from different backgrounds regardless of their age, cultural background or personal differences never failing to impress his audiences with the explosive energy he creates on stage. He is rightly recognized as one of the most creative, unique yet modest artists in the world music scene today.

This year the Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival hosts on 6 June in Aeriofylakio 1 - Auditorium, the program "Jazz for kids", a musical "journey" improvisational creativity and interactivity, with the signing of virtuoso percussion Alexander Christidis!

Technopolis Jazz Festival - 3 – 7 Ιουνίου 2015
Technopolis - Pireos 100 Gazi  -  210 3475518, 210 3453548 






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