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Miles Ahead - 2016

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Don Cheadle Brings Miles Davis to the Big Screen in 'Miles Ahead'. In his directorial debut, Don Cheadle takes on iconic jazz composer and trumpeter Miles Davis during one of the most troubled periods of his life.

Miles Ahead, Don Cheadle’s first turn as director, plays like a buddy action movie, rather than a biopic about the iconic jazz composer and trumpeter Miles Davis. In a press conference at the 2015 New York Film Festival, the actor, who co-wrote with Steven Baigelman (Brother’s Keeper, 2002), and who portrays Davis in the film, said that the screenplay was inspired by the “stories in my mind when I listen to his music.” Cheadle’s imagination led him to one of the most troubled periods in Davis’s life, between 1976 and 1980, when his drug addiction made him unable to play his horn or to compose.

“Miles Ahead isn’t an epic for the ages but it is, undeniably, cool” The Guardian

“The great jazz trumpet player’s drinking, womanising and drug abuse are all on show in the new biopic, Miles Ahead. But the film never gives us any convincing reason for his bad behavior” BBC. Owen Gleiberman.

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