Kosmidis Theodosios

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Guitarist, Educator

Theodosios was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. His first musical experience was at the age of 14 from a friend who was playing the guitar. He fell in love with music ever since.

He was really fond off guitar players such as Vinnie Moore, John Petrucci, Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, Satriani, Eric Johnson etc. He got into jazz at the age of 18 when he started taking lessons from Sakis Zachariades, a guitar player who attended the MI school in Hollywood and was a student of Scott Henderson.

He formed a trio and a quartet and was performing around Thessaloniki. After completing his military obligation he went to Netherlands   at Maastricht Conservatorium.. In 2008 I   formed 2 bands: GrePol M.af.i.a (Musical Affairs Internationally Active) and GG Connection. With GG Connection he performed for three, every Thursday in Edd's Cafe in the Jam Session. With GrePol M.af.i.a (Musical Affairs Internationally Active) he was gigging all over Limburg in clubs and Festivals.

In 2011 GrePol M.af.i.a (Musical Affairs Internationally Active) recorded their first complete CD ( in 2009 they recorded a demo CD with four songs) and they promote it performing around Europe. In 2011 I also recorded a mini CD with GG Connection with three original compositions.

he took lessons from : Frank Wingold (Germany- Guitar), Gilad Hekselman ( Israel— Guitar), Claudius Valk ( Germany- Sax), Ronan Guilfoyle ( Ireland),Harmen Fraanje ( Netherland — Piano), Jan Formannoy (Netherlands — Guitar ), Edoardo Righini ( Italy — Guitar). I shared the stage with musicians like Ron van Stratum, Gerald Canon, Phillipe Cathrine, Carlo Nardozza , Daniel Daemen , Timmy Daemen, Arnoud Gerritse, Jan Formannoy, Claudius Valk, Frank Giebels and many more.

He performed as a leader or sideman in bands such as GrePol M.af.i.a (Musical Affairs Internationally Active), GG Connection , Jazz Check it out, The Dark Essence, Maastricht Conservatorium Big Band, Theo Kosmidis Trio and Golden Eye. He participated in many Festivals such as the Jazz Masters Festival in Maastricht, the Prominade Festival, Jeker Jazz Festival, Thorn Jazz Festival, Small Festival in Greece.

He is also a devoted teacher. He teach privately and also in music schools in Athens.


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