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Born in Piraeus, Sofia Noiti has been commissioned as an artist, as jazz vocalist, and as a teacher is concetrated on Jazz Singing and Vocal Technique on all styles of singing, from pop and R&B to metal and musical.
She studied Classical Singing at the National Conservatory in Athens with Despoina Katsari, on bel canto vocal technique.
She is a Certified Teacher of the Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing International Vocal Technique. She has attended workshops on SLS Technique, with Dean Kaelin in Graz, Austria, Greg Enriquez in London, and Seth Riggs in Los Angeles and Milan, Italy. She studied also with George Samartzis, George Misailidis and attended the Phonetic Laboratory of Spyros Sakkas, in Athens.
Ατ the age of 13 she took guitar lessons, and sung in school choires and rock bands. She turned her interest to jazz music starting as a self taught singer, and then she followed up jazz improvision lessons with George Kontrafouris, Markos Alexiou, and later with Ed Byrne and Michele Weirr. She has attended master classes on vocal jazz improvisation with Bobby McFerrin in New York, Rosana Eckert and Michele Weirr in Los Angeles. She has also took jazz-piano courses from Markos Alexiou and Dimitris Kalantzis.  She has attended Arranging 1, on Berklee Online Music School. She has also attended the Creative Writing Supplementary Education Course  at the University of Athens, though the lyric interpretation has the major priority on her singing and teaching.
Sofia Noiti has been teaching Jazz Singing and Vocal Technique for several years in Athenaeum Conservatory, in Art School of Music Yorgos Fakanas, and now in Nikos Skalkotas Conservatory, in Greece.  She has worked as a teacher and vocal consultant of well-known Greek recording artists, as Melina Aslanidou, Manos Pyrovolakis and Maria Farantouri. She has also been the teacher of well known jazz vocalists Aggeliki Toumbanaki, Nassia Gofa, the pop singer and songwriter Marika Papazoglou, and many others.
Her clients' voices must be able to function easily, without strain. She treats them, also, with a series of vocal therapy exercises, both for speaking and singing voice, and she can help  singers or actors with in organic and functional disorders of the voice (the elimination of vocal nodules, polyps, edema/swollening vocal cords, hoarseness). She has made a series of workshops on Logotherapy with Elda Koutsoumbaki.
Noiti is most influenced by singers of different styles of music as Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Shirley Horn, Dianne Schuur, Dianne Reeves, Maria Callas, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Mariah Carey, and the greek folk singer Eleni Vitali. As a result she can sing or teach all styles of music.
She has performed as a jazz and blues vocalist, and ethnic-jazz singer, with the most famous and great Greek jazz musicians as: George Kontrafouris, Markos Alexiou, Dimitrios Vassilakis, Dimitris Kalatzis, Dimos Dimitriadis and many more.
As a recording artist she mostly steps on the greek musical tradition combined with jazz. Her first record titled “Aghios Hronos” includes 10 traditional greek songs in a jazz arranging, by George Kontrafouris.
Sofia Noiti continues to progress her passion for singing and her enthusiasm for teaching, for new consultancy work.


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