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GoJam Group

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GoJam Group

The GoJam Group was formed in 2002 by Yiorgos Tsiatsoulis and Petros Varthakouris. Their repertoire was then comprised mainly of jazz covers as well as their own versions of pieces for accordion and bandoneon by Galliano, Piazzola, etc. In 2004 Lefteris Chavoutsas and Yiannis Angelopoulos joined the Group and it evolved into GoJam, developing an original repertoire comprised of original compositions by each member. Their desire for direct artistic expression has shaped the band’s unique, complex sounds. The music that arises is a mixture of elements from Greek musical tradition and the traditions of other countries as well as of the individual influences, listening and musical experiences of the group’s members.

Petros Varthakouris started playing piano already from his childhood and expressed special interest in jazz music. Ten years later his attention switched to guitar and electric bass, while studying at the same time jazz harmony. At the age of 26 he focused his interst in double bass, an instrument which remains up to this day his great love.

Lefteris Chavoutsas has been playing guitar since the age of 13, focusing his interest in flamenco music. He started at the same time playing oud, bouzouki and violin researching traditional music themes of Greece.

Yiannis Angelopoulos started playing snare drum in the Municipal marching band, very soon gets into drums. He began his musical studies in Athens and finished them in Rotterdam Conservatoire, where he got his degree in 2002 from the “Jazz and world music” department.

Yiorgos Tsiatsoulis has been playing accordion since the year of eight. He started his career by studying classical music, expressing at the same time an interest in Greek folk music tradition. He finished his studies in accordion in the State Conservatoire of Holargos, as a student of Emil Hadjief, also studying piano and harmony.

All the members of the group have collaborated with many known and unknown Greek artists, playing with them and recording traditional and contemporary Greek music.



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