Deep in the Top

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Blues Band

Nikos Tsopoglou-Gkinas: Guitar, vocals, harmonica
Mike Trachalios: Keyboards, flute, vocals
Minas Vakaloudis: Bass
Filippos Samlidis: Drums

Deep in the Top were formed in 2010 by four high school students in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since then, the band has performed on some of the town’s biggest music venues and festivals. In February 2012 they played for the first time in a concert with the biggest Greek blues band, the Blues Wire, in Gaia Live Stage. Then, in the summer of 2012 Deep in the Top collaborated with Elias Zaikos, who recorded two songs with the band at their first recording attempt. Two weeks in the studio resulted in ten songs. Four of them are the band’s own compositions.
The following year the band worked on writing new songs and, at the same time, they performed as many times as they got the chance to. Their most remarkable performance was on 26 June 2013, at Gaia Live Stage. In this live show, the audience was introduced to a triplet of women vocalists who accompanied the band on Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll rhythms. A month earlier, Deep in the Top participated in a music contest, organized by Phillipos Nakas conservatory, they were chosen by the judges and traveled to Athens to compete at the semifinals. They won the 1st prize, and got the chance to revisit Athens to record a new series of songs in SAE (Sound and Audio Engineering) studios. 4 days were enough for them to produce 8 songs, all of which their own compositions.
The band’s influences range from the wide field of Blues, to jazz, funk and rock. In the sound of the guitar one can easily trace influences from older Blues players such as Albert Collins and from more contemporary ones such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer and Greek Elias Zaikos. The keyboard sound is a result of jazz and fusion touches, inspired by artists like Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff and Herbie Hancock.
Deep in the Top keep on working on new ideas as well as planning and preparing possible live shows in Thessaloniki and Greece.

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