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Touliatos Nikos

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The music creator of the Olympic Games in Athens (2004) & Artistic Director in International Percussion Festivals
Nikos Touliatos is needless to specific recommendations. For music lovers considered (and is) the most popular Greek "percussionist". The course of 37 years in music and percussion proves it. The unique personal style of Nikos Touliatos on drums and percussion came from experience gained over many years playing different kinds of music with musicians of traditional music, composers of contemporary music and song, and with Greek and foreign musicians in the field of  JAZZ, modern and improvisational  music as well as his participation in theater, dance, etc. performances.
He has worked since 1971 with 99% of composers, singers, actors, filmmakers, painters, poets, musicians, dancers, choreographers, etc. giving them thousands of concerts - performances around the world. He has participated in theatrical performances, in Greece and abroad has collaborated with visual artists, dancers, actors, directors Greeks and foreigners, has directed and presented multi media performances in Greece and abroad. He has written music in cinema, short films, and theater.
He gave his first performance with percussion at the Athens Music Hall with 13 percussionists Greeks and foreigners and involving students. Percussion concert at the Herod Atticus Theatre etc.
Nikos Touliatos also has great cultural activity: Organizer and artistic director of the International Percussion Festival 'CROUSSIS'. Former artistic director and organizer of the International Percussion Festival of Lefkada. Board Member the organization MUSIC GROUPS - Municipality of Athens. Artistic director and organizer of MUSIC DRAMA'' The festival of world music'' in Drama and CROUSTOPANYGIRIS in Korinthos. Board Member of E.M.S.E. Vice collective body collection copyright "self." It has also organized as a producer dozens of festivals, concerts, and educational programmes with Greek and foreign musicians.
He was the creator in the Olympic Games in Athens (2004) and the head of 400 drummers - volunteers of the opening ceremony and the creator of the group percussionist and composer of the song that was heard at the entrance of the athletes and flag at the closing ceremony of athletes using objects as percussion instruments.
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