Stefanopoulos Vagelis

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Pianist, Composer

Vagelis is a pianist, composer & arranger. He has led various projects of diferent musical styles along side with his trio that released its debut CD in 2012. He has been directing house bands in Greece that hosted among others international artists Jd Walter, Femi Temowo, Kellylee Evans and Deborah Carter as well as beeing the musical director of Quasamodo orchestra (Freestyle Records) and Smokey Bandits. Working as a session musician he has toured all over Greece and Cyprus as well as European Jazz festivals such as Vilnious Mama Jazz with the Victorija Pilatovic Quintet.

Vagelis Stefanopoulos Trio:

Vagelis Stefanopoulos, piano — Petros Varthakouris, bass — Yiannis Aggelopoulos, drums
Three musicians dedicated to their art and the teamwork it requires The trio's music is a dialogue between the three musicians on the compositions of Vangelis Stephanopoulos.
Their first cd   “Sailing on a marsipus” has just been released ( January 2012 )



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