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Illusions – Ibrahim Maalouf

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“Now billed as the biggest-selling instrumentalist in France, the Lebanese-born trumpeter returns with illusions. Always a musical magpie, this time his band opens with a burst of bombastic rock before building to the joyous call-and-response of Nomade Slang. Aside from the noiseplay that spoils Busy, I defy anyone not to be seduced by Maalouf s giddy mix of Eastern and Western rhythms.” The Times
Crowned with a victory for best jazz artist of the year in France , Ibrahim Maalouf released Illusions in November 5, 2013, a new album that takes full advantage of seven years of collaboration with his group.
At the crossroads of musical paths, Ibrahim Maalouf is in the heart of time, where transgressions are allowed.  Fusion? Certainly.  But confusion, Definitely not !
Musically spoken, Ibrahim Maalouf is not bound by jazz, nor he is by the heritage of Arabic influences. He looks around further and notices other forms of expressions and adapts that too, with his own power, with a touch of rock even.
Great musicians always found the magic in themselves and a way to play with it in a way by simply undergoing it, where it was immediately understood. Ibrahim Maalouf’s own voice finds all these voices in between that lead to that, like all the little steps from bound tendencies, to the willing personal desire and expression that wants to be understood.
Ibrahim Maalouf's Illusions maintains an air of sophistication and class. His compositions border along the lines of being complex and catchy, whilst skilfully
incorporating Oriental melodies into a predominantly western backdrop.

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