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Katsoulis Vangelis

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Composer, musician

Born in Athens in 1949, Vangelis Katsoulis studied music in Greece and Germany. The composer made his debut in 1975. His compositions have been performed in Greece and abroad ever since.
Up until 1979, Katsoulis' music is influenced by the avant garde movement of that time. After 1979, he turns into minimalism, while three years later he applies elements of jazz and rock into that genre. At the same time, he forms a collective of musicians, enhancing that style as well as improvisation in his new compositions. In 1981 he takes a grant from the AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR PERFORMANCE ARTS.
Since 1983, the use of music technology becomes gradually apparent in his compositions, exploiting technological advancements, without diminishing the importance of the human factor and the creative involvement of the performer. Today, he is striving for simplicity, trying to express the most, using the least.
In addition to symphonic, chamber, choral works and songs, Katsoulis has also composed numerous soundtracks and music for the theatre, as well as for the radio and television. He was awarded the first prize for best soundtrack at the 1994 THESSALONIKI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.
Furthermore, he has collaborated with a number of Greek and international choreographers, a creative impulse that has influenced his music.
Apart from composing, Katsoulis explored the recording production area and founded a small record company as well as a professional recording studio.
He has an extensive discography and for many years was a friend and an associate to Manos Hadjidaki"s infamous managing of the Third Program of Public Broadcasting Radio.
His album, "Through the dark" featuring Markus Stockhausen, Arild Andersen and David Lynch, started as a commission by the Athens Concert Hall Organization (Megaron) and was premiered there in January 1996. A year later, it was released by LYRA, and was acclaimed by the music critics as the best jazz CD in the country so far.
The album, "Silent Voyage", apart from Arild Andersen features three new collaborations; with trumpet player Paolo Fresu, saxophonist Bendik Hofseth and drummer Paul Wertico. The album was acclaimed by numerous magazines and newspapers as the best of the year, even as one of the most important during the last 20 years.
With Arild Andersen, Paolo Fresu , Bendik Hofseth , Paul Wertico and pianist Takis Farazis, Vangelis Katsoulis has formed a group, appearing in live performances. This group has now recorded two more albums, “An Unbearably Short Glance” and “The Exile of Dreams”.


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