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Jazz Utopia

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Jazz Utopia Band

THE JAZZ UTOPIAs music is based on mixing melodic and rhythmic elements from Greek music and harmonic / rhythmic colors found in jazz and contemporary music.
In the original compositions from the band members, the most important aspect is Improvisation. The Jazz Utopia Quartet moves between East and West, with the same power and belief, both through the written melodies and the improvisation parts.
Their sound is sometimes electric, harsh with a rock energy, and sometimes simply atmospheric, almost romantic, taking you on a journey with no ending, a utopia, which you will enjoy taking.
The Jazz Utopia trio was formed in spring 2001 based on the Idea to work on Odd Rhythms.
The trio members love for jazz and Greek traditional music, plus the will to create music where all these elements fused together, led them to creating a sound that was based on these musical components.
Their first live appearance was at the International Percussion Festival On Lefkada island in July 2001.
The group performed their original material and they also arranged a Clinic for musicians of all Instruments analyzing their approach to odd rhythms. For almost two years the band didnt play live engagements, trying to work on the material and to create the specific sound that they had in mind. In July 2003, in an engagement at the International Percussion Festival of Petroupolis, Takis Paterelis, one of the most prominent sax men in Greece, joined the trio both for the concert and for the Recording of the Arothymian album. Thats how JAZZ UTOPIA QUARTET was formed.

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