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Daskalopoulos Thanos

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Tap Dancer, Educator
Thanos is a leading figure of tap dance and body music in Greece, while sharing and performing around the globe. Mentored by Heather Cornell and Max Pollak, his work focuses on the music delivered from the body sounds and percussive movement, fusing and expanding to various musical styles from jazz & funk, afro & latin, to his eastern and Balkan roots.!!

He is actively involved in the Athens jazz scene and his collaborations include top greek jazz artists like Petros Klampanis, Spyros Manesis , Yiannis Kassetas, Dimitri Vassilakis, Kostas Anastasiadis, Apostolos Leventopoulos, Periklis Trivolis, Serafim Bellos, Alekos Christidis and he has shared the stage with international rhythm artists like Heather Cornell, Max Pollak, Roxane Butterfly, Keith Terry, Fernando Barba, Guillem Alonso, Junior Laniyan, Leela Petronio and many more.
As a leader Thanos introduced in 2010 his jazz trio “Acoustic Movement”, where he uses body percussion and tap dance as part of the rhythm section transforming it to a “visual rhythm section”, performing original compositions as well as traditional jazz tap material. Αlong side percussionist Simone Mongelli, he is the co-founder of the body music ensemble Kantu Korpu, that uses the greek tradition as a vehicle to create contemporary orchestrations, compositions and choreography with sole medium the human body. The group has been part of the International Body Music Festival since its international debut in 2011, collaborating with contemporary flamenco artist Yiota Peklari in 2011 & 2012 and traditional greek singer Maria Alatsatianou in 2013.
Since 2001 Thanos is performing with one of the most recognised funk bands in Athens, “The Funkollectiv”, being the lead singer and featured tap dancer, while other performance credits include Member of Petros Kourtis’ Drum Voice, Seli Kanu African ensemble, Batuca Brazilian ensemble, tap dance soloist with Nina Lotsari’'s cabaret show, Katerina Polemi and more.

As a choreographer or teacher Thanos has been involved in several theatre projects with the latest being the success of the director Ektoras Lygizos “Room Service” which was presented attthe Onassis Cultural Centre Together with rhythm artists Yiota Peklari (flamenco) and Petros Kourtis (percussion), they run the non-for profit organisation “Playground”, where they educate, perform and support rhythm arts in their venue. At “Playground” Thanos teaches regularly tap and runs a body music orchestra. Other educational activity in Athens includes body music classes at the Orff professional training program in Moraitis school.
He is constantly teaching workshops sharing tradition, concepts, his approach and knowledge to communities in Greece and abroad, in countries like USA, Canada, Spain, France, Switzerland, UK, Finland and more.

Artistic director of Tapmotif, Thanos has been a host of tap and body music events for nearly a decade in Greece, with the main event being “Tapmotif - Summer Sessions”, a contemporary study center for jazz & world music alongside with rhythm & percussive dances in Lefkada Greece.
Tapmotif is an ongoing process and a result of his continuous collaboration with Heather Cornell and Max Pollak


Solo International Festivals Participation:
MadTap - Madrid Spain
TapOn Barcelona - Barcelona Spain
Kompitus Rhythm - Helsinki Finland
TRI Toronto Rhythm Initiative - Toronto Canada
Tap Breizh - Rennes France
Habra CaTap Art - Paris France


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