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Nazos Georgios

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Guitarist, composer

Georgios Nazos from Athens, Greece, is described in the Greek ‘Jazz and Τζαζ’ magazine as a sophisticated and imaginative player, one of the most creative and nonconformist musicians of the Greek Jazz scene.

Starting as a Rock guitarist in his adolescence he demonstrated a great talent for improvisation and enjoyed interacting with other musicians. Very soon he discovered jazz and took lessons with his uncle, the well-known Greek guitarist Vassilis Rakopoulos.
After completing his studies in Political Science and History at Panteion University in Athens he decided to devote himself entirely to music. He first moved to Switzerland and took a preparatory course in the Swiss Jazz school of Bern. He was accepted to Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, from where he received a Bachelor’s Degree.
Whether he is leading his own band or invited by fellow musicians as a sideman his playing is always characterized as authentic, energetic and highly communicative. He is performing with great success in festivals, music clubs and venues all around Greece, Israel, Belgium and the Netherlands.
His music has been included in the ‘Jazz and Τζαζ’ CD collection ‘Summer Jazz Flirt - Fresh Sounds from the Greek Scene”, in “The Music Stays in a Dream (2013) the debut CD of his partner, the Israeli singer Tamuz Nissim, as well as in Themis Nikoloudis Album “Amphitite” (2014). He also has acting experience, having participated in the very successful jazz musical ‘One Doubt Arose in the Mind of a Noble Vigilante’ by acting, singing, and playing the guitar and the trumpet.
His debut CD entitled “Confused Colors” will be published in September 2014. He is also a dedicated teacher with several students at The Philippos Nakas Conservatory and the National Conservatory of Greece.

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