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11 Feb

Dimos Dimitriadis seminar

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A Jazz Workshop with Dimos Dimitriadis, Associate Professor of Jazz and founder of the unique Jazz Studies Program at the Ionian University on February 11, 2013 - 18:00 to 22:00 - 20 euros - at Musical Praxis - Beikou 33 - Koukaki Athens -

A workshop focusing on ways of developing the crucial musical skills every jazz musician owns :
Aural Perception and Memory
Rhythmical Accuracy and Polyrhythmic Skills
Aural Understanding of Harmony and Form
Melodic and Rhythmical Improvisation
Variation and Embellishment

It explains the art of the Collective Creative Performance of the jazz ensemble which makes playing jazz one of the most complete musical experiences. It also deals with the historical developments which brought jazz to the level of one of the most significant arts of the 20th century and the importance it has for the training of the contemporary musician and for musical education in general.

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