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Urban Stories - 2013

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Stelios Chatzikaleas

Urban Stories” is a project consists of a bunch of stories inspired by daily urban social interaction, which are gradually transformed into picturesque tales under fear’s prevailing image in the hands of the authorities. Stories that talk about oppression, appeal to the authority, surprise, love, friendship and cruelness.  

Most of the original music was composed during a five years journey, between central and north European cities. Trying to figure out how the social relationships work within a wealthy urban context, trying to understand how the supposed consuming plurality contrasts with the financially damaged, Mediterranean societies and transform all this thoughts, feelings, arguments, fights and struggle into short musical stories.

Grigorios Ntanis (gtrs)

Vasilis Stefanopoulos (b)                

Martin Grabher (drms)                          

Dimitris Pantelias (ts, as)

Stelios Chatzikaleas (trpt, flg, arr)


Recorded, mixed and mastered at Lizard Sound Studios by Dimitris Karpouzas

Produced by Thanasis Chatzikaleas


Released by Ankh Music (www.ankhmusic.gr ), Cd No:  Î‘nkhJazz 0917-2 / 5202997091725

Official release: April 2013

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