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27 Jul

No Vacancy - 2013

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Momo trio

Momo trio's first album is titled "no vacancy" and is comprised of nine original music compositions. The recording took place April 2012 at the Kyriazis studio.

George Dousis           -   piano
Paraskevas Kitsos - d.bass
Nikos Kassavetis     - drums

 The ensemble Momo trio performs music from their first album "no vacancy". The album includes nine original music compositions and is available in 12" vinyl from "Irida" and in mp3 download.

"Momo Trio" is an extraordinary ensemble formed by exquisite musicians. The trio plays unique compositions characterized by personal musical flair and great musical talent. Music played by "Momo trio" is defined by their dynamic approach of sound. Their elaborate musical technique resonates with utter simplicity and carries profound clarity along with immense sensitivity, explosiveness and imagination. Truly, they are an extraordinary trio of musicians with a unique musical perspective and impact in the world of music.

George Dousis has been professionally active in the world of jazz music and modern music for over twenty years exercising his dual talent both as a composer and pianist. He has performed with many music groups on albums and in live performances as a pianist and orchestrator. His complex work is often presented in Greece and abroad. As an orchestrator and a pianist he has worked with many Greek and non-Greek orchestras.

Paraskevas Kitsos has studied acoustic guitar, electric bass, and double bass. He has participated in numerous recording productions and is an active session musician who takes part in live performances in Greece and abroad. In the Momo trio creation of the album "no vacancy", he plays the role of a founding member and that of a composer for the first time simultaneously.

Nikos Kassavetis had been characterized as a rare highly promising drummer in Greece. He studied percussion in Greece and went on to study at Berklee College of Music on a music scholarship. Since 1999 he has been the drummer for the Greek Orchestra of Contemporary Music of E.R.T. television. He often records for Greek television and radio and works as a session musician for independent productions.

Album credits are:
Production, Momo trio 2012.
Sound recording and the sound mixing, Tasos Bakasietas.  
Vinyl Mastering, Sam John (http://www.precisemastering.com ).
Photography, Petros Koublis (http://www.petroskoublis.com ).
Album artwork, Ifigeneia Vasiliou (http://ifigenia.gr ).Video and processing, Panayiotis Simopoulos.
Distribution: Irida (http://iridaclassical.com /).

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