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Rousilvo - 2010

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Kostas Theodorou 

Rousilvo is the second part of a trilogy by Kostas Theodorou (of which Nostos is the first part)

Rousilvo is a Contemporary Balkan Folk Opera recorded live by a septet. Composed and arranged by Kostas Theodorou, heavily influenced by traditions of the local region of Macedonia, a musical fabric is created through open dialogue among instruments. Polyphony of seven women voices and interpolation of numerous authentic field recordings complete the sound of expanding rhythmic and melodic forms.

This album is a tribute to an abandoned village near the border between Greece and the F.Y. Republic of Macedonia. "[...]Since 1986 the village has been uninhabited as a result of protracted social marginalization."

Here and there fragments of "forgotten" traditional songs in the local Slavic language sung by a charismatic 80 year old woman from Rousilvo, recorded in the abandoned village, complement the narration. "[...]Only lingering echoes of the melody of the forbidden language and undaunted dancing to songs without words.[...]"

Full details are contained in the booklet [libretto] accompanying the edition, which also includes photos dating from 1946 to 2009.

Slava Pop'va Evdoxia Georgiou / Lizeta Kalimeri  / Martha Mavroidi

Lada Kandarjieva soprano / Elena Ginina soprano

Elitsa Todorova mezzo / Irina Gotcheva alto

Takis Farazis piano, accordion / Kyriakos Tapakis ud, mandola / Dimos Dimitriadis flute sax

Pantelis Stoikos trumpet / Andonis Andreou trombone / Kostas Anastasiadis drums

Kostas Theodorou double bass, guitar, tabla, vocals


Recorded live in AGROTIKON, Thessaloniki 15-19 April 2004 by Christos Megas
Vocals recorded by Yorgos Pentzikis in MAGNANIMOUS, Thessaloniki & MYTHOS, Athens
Remix by Christos Megas, edited by Yorgos Pentzikis
produced by zen einai productions

Released March 09, 2010 by PANOPTIKON, Thessaloniki



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