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Human Aspect - 1990

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Vincent Chancey/Floros Floridis/Peter Kowald/Louis Moholo - Human Aspect

Vincent Chancey: french horn
Floros Floridis: alto & soprano saxophone
Peter Kowald: bass
Louis Moholo: drums
DIGITAlLY recorded and mixed in Athens, January 1990, at Studio “Thita”, during a series of concerts
given around Greece. RECORDING ENGINEER: Dimitris Xenikakis. REMIXED by: Yiorgos Grikos. DIGITAL
EDITING: Yiannis loannidis, Digital Press Hellas. MASTERING: Dimitris NikoIaou. GPI COVER DESIGN:
Nikos Valkanos. PRODUCED by: Peter Kowald, Floros Floridis.

OM B/002, Distributed by Lyra

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