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After the Moon - 1997

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Nana Simopoulos - After the Moon
Nana Simopoulos: sitar, bouzouki, vocals, tambura
Carol Chaikin: soprano saxophone
Mary Ann McSweeney: bass
Ron Horton: flugelhorn
Mary Wooten: cello
Arto Tuncboyaciyan: goblet drum (doumbek), percussion (hand drums), shaker, percussion (navaho drum), percussion, backing vocals
Silvia D’Avanzo: violin
Jim Pugliese: gong
Pepe Santana: panpipes
Greg Burrows : rototoms (toms), kanjira, backing vocals
Sultan Khan: sarangi, vocals (tracks: 1)
Artis Simopoulos, Lue Simopoulos, Marlena Primavera, Sharon Fogarty: backing vocals
Jeffrey Johnson, Kurt Richards, Richard Porterfield: vocals (byzantine chanter)
Amit Chatterjee: vocals (qawal singing), tambura
Recorded in New York at Nasimo Studios, December 1994 to January 1997

Prestige Records/CDSGP0347