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20 Nov

Still Waters - 1989

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Nana Simopoulos -Still Waters 

Nana Simopoulos: bouzouki, vocals, synthesizer, guitar, composed, arranged
Charlie Haden, Chip Jackson: bass
Joe Dioro: guitar
Ray Pizzi: alto flute
Tom Garvin: piano
Marty Fogel: sax, flute, clarinet
Mark Josefsberg: marimba
Christine Bard: percussion, goblet drum
Hamid Drake: drums, tabla, percussion
Billy Higgins, Christos Gotsinas: drums
John Harvey, Laura Toy, Lue Simopoulos: vocals

Reissue on Cd Cover, Enja Records/CD 6010-63, 1998

Reissue Cd Cover on CD Baby/390844, 20 July 2010)

The Last Three Tunes Recorded 1983 in Los Angeles.
Producer: Horst Weber
Engineer: Cynthia Daniels
Location: A & R Studio, NY
Remixed: Sunset Studio, NY
Rec. Date: April, 1988
Photos: Thad Harden
Drawing: Stuart Hamill

Vinyl Lp: 1989, Enja Records/6010 & Reissue Cd: 1998, Enja Records/CD 6010-63


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