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Dialogues - 2006

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Sofia Mavrogenidou: flute, soprano voice
Marina Skiadaresi: vocals
Dimitris Ikonomakis: double bass, cl. guitar (6), ac. guitar (7)
Aris Hatzistavrou: guitar
George Katsanos: piano, toy piano, vibrandoneon
Tasos Fotiou: saxophone
Stathis Stouraitis: drums

Tracks 4,5,7,8,10, were recorded live at the Muse Jazz Festival that took place on 8.12.2005 at Epi Kolono theater, in Athens, by Nikos Papadopoulos
Tracks 1,2,3,6,9 were recorded in Studio “N" by Yannis Paxevanis during two live sessions in April 2006
All tracks mixed by Y. Paxevanis and Apodrasi
Digital Mastering at Fabel Sound by Theodore Chrysanthopoulos
Produced by Muse.gr
Executive producer Apodrasi

Cover design Teti Karaoutsi
Cover photo Louis-Leopold Boilly, © Art Museum of Tourcoing, France
D.T.P. Fotolio + Typicon S.A
Print at Mixalis Orfanos A.E.B.E.


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