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27 Nov

Lit'l Song - 1996

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David Lynch

David Lynch: soprano & tenor sax, flute, piccolo flute, keyboards, Recorder, percussion

Stavros Lantsias: piano, keyboards

Takis Farazis: piano

Yiotis Kiourtsoglou: electric bass

Kostas Theodorou: acoustic bass

Yiorgos Farougias: bassoon

Stelios Karydas: 12-string guitar

Elena Papandreou: classical guitar

Antonis Apergis: canonaki, outi

Christos Tsiamoulis: nai, outi

Manos Achalinotopoulos: clarinet

Nikos Xydakis: voice

Nikos Kapilidis: drums

Nikos Sidirokastritis: drums

Petros Kourtis: drums, percussion

Nikos Touliatos: percussion

Vangelis Karipis: percussion

Andreas Papas: percussion

Mohammed Hankas: percussion

All compositions written, arranged and produced by David Lynch

Executive producer : Mike Achladiotis

Lit'l Song, Latin East, Midstream, Sandune, Unicorn were recorded by Yiorgos Panagiotakopoulos and Kostas Gikas at Sierra Studios, Athens

12 String was recorded by Yiorgos Panayiolakopoulos at Polysound Studios, Athens

Assistant engineer on 12 String was Dimitris Papatheodorou

Lit'l Song, Midstream, 12 String and Unicorn were mixed by H. Blazoudakis at the Athens Concert Hall

Latin East, and Sandune were mixed by Panayiotis Petronikolos at Sierra Studios

Computer Programming by David Lynch, llias Achladiotis and Orestis Plakidis

Photos of David Lynch by Tasos Vrettos

Cover Design, Artwork by Antonis Kapiris


FM Records Lp & Cd / FM 311

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