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Trioism 2008

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Manesis/Klampanis/ Samouil

Album Notes
Trioism is an acoustic jazz piano trio. It was formed on 1999 in Athens, Greece, by the drummer and music journalist Zak Samouil and pianist Spyros Manesis. After a couple of years with discussions and trials with various bass players, the group started playing in Athens in 2003 with the double bassist Petros Klampanis. During that period the band inspired and directed mainly by Zak Samouil, started having a musical approach, based on the simultaneous improvisation and the lyrical treatment of the melodic lines.
Spyros Manesis and Petros Klampanis moved to Amsterdam, Holland, in order to attend the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. There they continued the same concept in a different cultural environment. The result is a recording in Amsterdam (April 2006), with the collaboration of three drummers: Luca Marini (Italy), Andreas Pichler (Austria) and Gustavo Grajales Nandayapa (Mexico).
Since 2007 the drummer of the group is the Portugese, Rui Ramos Pereira.

Visit: www.trioism.com www.myspace.com/trioism