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Preveza Jazz Festival 2015

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For the 13 consecutive year the best representatives of contemporary European music will gather in Preveza in western Greece for the well known PREVEZA JAZZ FESTIVAL on June 5,6 & 7, 2015 at Preveza's Port - entrance free

5th of June Orange Trane (Poland) and Marjorie Barnes & Equinox
Orange Trane
was first founded in 1994 in Kartuzy (northern Poland) by young local musicians. The band played modern jazz, adding tradition and modernity with expression and melodiousness. The group was giving concerts in jazz clubs all around the country, and also on main Polish jazz festivals. The band is currently promoting new album FUGU.
Marjorie Barnes & Equinox from Ireland and the Netherlands - The meeting between Marjorie Barnes and Equinox is of a true collaborative spirit. Miss Barnes’ singular vocal gifts shine brightly over the band’s signature sound, in tailor made arrangements that make for a perfect fit. Marjorie Barnes pulls off a virtuoso balancing act between a deep wisdom gained from a long life in music and an endless youthfulness of spirit. The music of Equinox finds a similar balance between firm jazz roots and a continuous spirit of musical exploration and adventure. Miss Barnes brings great emotional and personal depth to her singing, influencing and inspiring the instrumental interplay for which Equinox are well known, making for a fully engaging concert experience.

6th of June, Athina Kontou & Band (Germany) and Hijaz (Belgium)
from Belgium - Hijaz is a multi-ethnic group based around the dialogue between the oud and the piano. Hijaz is an Arabic musical scale but also holds a clear reference to jazz. Where Arabic music is the starting point, jazz is the open attitude towards diverse musical cultures.Hijaz is a close quartet exploring differences and similarities in Mediterranean cultures in order to create harmony, warmth and musical beauty. On their 3th CD called Nahadin, Hijaz reinvented itself to the essence, the source of the musicality and in their compositions.In this new form Hijaz experimented, composed and recorded new music in the summer of 2013 with to guests: Abir Nasraoui (voice, Tunesia) and Carlo Rizzo (percussion, Italy). With mutual respect and understanding Hijaz accomplished what in real life seems so hard: to unite cultures.

7th of June Gabriele Pezzoli (Swiss
Gabriele Pezzoli Trio from Switzerland - A musician with widespread interests, his music sees elements of improvisation, classical music, jazz, pop and electronic music merge. He is active as performer, in production and also in the artistic direction of musical projects, he has published two records with his Gabriele Pezzoli Trio which have received worldwide distribution through the Swiss label TCB Records. He has performed in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic and Madagascar collaborating with a number of musicians, including Olivier Ker Ourio, Tino Tracanna, Nils Wogram, Domenic Landolf, Reto Suhner, Max De Aloe, Yuri Goloubev, Stefano Senni, Taavo Remmel, Brian Quinn, Max Pizio and Sandro Schneebeli. He teaches piano at the Accademia Ticinese di Musica in Locarno and at the Swiss Musical Pedagogy Society SMPV/SSPM.


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