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O3 Supercharged 2014

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O3: Stavroulakis /Evdemon/ Klonis
"Ozone or trioxygen modern jazz quartet is a triatomic modern molecule, consisting of three oxygen jazz atoms"

O3 are a jazz guitar trio, featuring a modern, contemporary urban jazz sound. Inspired by the artistry of contemporary jazz trios such as the ones of Tim Miller, Adam Rogers and Kurt Rosenwinkel, O3 perform their own original material along with re-arranged and re-harmonized classic and contemporary jazz standards, shaped by their distinct and unique sound. Their music is both intense and lyrical, relying on both its compositional structure and its improvisational character occuring from the spontaneous interaction of the band members, with influences from contemporary jazz artists like Adam Rogers, Steve Swallow, Eric Harland, Tim Miller and Kurt Rosenwinkel. Since their formation on May 2012, O3 have attracted interest and attention from the Greek jazz scene for both their musical virtues and the educational activity of their band members, having already participated in national art and jazz festivals (Vaultage Open September, World Jazz Festival 2012, 1st YouGroove Festival). O3 have recorded their debut record album called "Supercharged” which was released on Christmas of 2013 under the label The Sound Of Everything Jazz featuring their single “Teardrop”, a contemporary jazz arrangement of Massive Attack’s tune and their own rendition of Cole Porter’s “Night and Day”. O3's guitarist is an award winner of Master-Jam Festival - Мастер-Джем Фестиваль 2013, held in Ukraine.

You can buy the album at: http://itunes.apple.com/gr/album/supe...


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