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The music stays in a dream - 2013

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Tamuz Nissim

The debut album of the Israeli jazz singer narrates the classic story of love with a refreshing personal approach full of ingenious and colorful musical compositions.
After years of practicing, composing, and performing in Israel and Europe, Israeli singer Tamuz Nissim has now proven with her debut album that Jazz stars are still being born and are shining brighter than ever! With the assistance of acclaimed and talented musicians (Giorgos Nazos on the guitar, Francesca Tandoi on the piano, Vasilis Stefanopoulos on the double bass and George Polyhronakos on the drums) Tamuz has managed to express melodically her deep and rich feelings. Her voice can only be described as sensational. This is an album of true art, one that will accompany you over and over again in musical journeys of timelessness and imagination.


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