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In the belly of the whale - 2010

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”In the belly of the whale” MODE PLAGAL
The fourth cd of the band is released by Lyra and is available in record stores in Greece and Internet music stores worldwide.

Mode Plagal is an originally Greek group who perform traditional Greek music blended with jazz, funk and other international styles. They have been described as "the preeminent ambassadors of the much-maligned vernacular Greek music in the 21st century"
The Athens-based band was formed in 1990 by Thodoris Rellos (saxophone, vocals), Kleon Antoniou (guitar, vocals) and Takis Kanellos (drums). They were joined in 1995 by Antonis Maratos (originally percussion, later bass); in 1997 by Angelos Polychronou (percussion); and in 2000 by Florian Mikuta (keyboards). After two albums of instrumental music, Mode Plagal and Mode Plagal II, they added vocals for their third album, Mode Plagal III. In 2002, they collaborated with Turkish group Bosphorus to record the album Beyond the Bosphorus.



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