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Blue November - 2011

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features Christos Rafalides (vibraphone), Sergio Salvatore (piano), Mike Pope (bass), and Vince Cherico (drums).

Listeners will discover these New-York-based musicians combining their diverse cultural backgrounds and transcending musical boundaries, merging odd meters and contemporary American grooves with world music in a vibraphone-based band.


"One thing is certain: Manhattan Vibes is a supremely cool percussion-oriented band that appears to both young and mature audiences. They are performing a style of music that is very contemporary and includes international influences that blend together without ever losing the element of dance and groove." — Village Voice.

"The influence of Rafalides' mentor and occasional duet partner–vibraphonist Joe Locke Joe Locke vibraphone –isn't lost on this music, but it's simply one ingredient in the complex recipe that is Manhattan Vibes. Pianist Sergio Salvatore Sergio Salvatore piano , another mano-a-mano duo companion of Rafalides, syncs up wonderfully with the vibraphonist, matching his charisma and Latin-infused charm pound-for-pound. Drummer Vince Cherico Vince Cherico can drive the music when necessary, but he also displays a sensitive touch that doesn't overpower. Bassist Mike Pope Mike Pope, who also works with Locke, is superb at every turn, whether soloing or holding down the fort. Blue November is full of charm, excitement, class and in-the-pocket grooves. Manhattan Vibes has captured all that's right with its namesake city in this ten-song program. "

"Rhythmically driven and spatially exact, Manhattan Vibes reaches deep into the Latin consciousness and pulls out the perfect vibe." — All About Jazz

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